Domek pod swierkami budynek


krynica zdroj

The ‘House under Spruces’ represents an offer for all those looking for a comfortable lodging, beautiful landscape as well as privacy and independence. We assure you that you will find all these advantages at our spa … more


krynica zdroj

Krynica Zdroj has countless attractions to offer. Various mineral springs alongside with complex and sophisticated treatments will help you to find your balance. And for all active guests: we have also many tennis courts to offer … more


krynica zdroj

The ‘House under Spruces’ is located right in the downtown of Krynica City and only minutes away from the tourist tracks. You will be relaxing in a quiet area with your house surrounded by spruces …


How to get there

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Please consult the map for further information and do not hesitate to contact us for a detailed support. … more